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We believe that each and everyone has their own preferences. That's why our packages can be fully customized. And our dedicated travel consultants will plan the best holiday for you and will ensure that the best service is provided. They will be in touch with you until you are back home safely. In addition at Richmic Lanka Holidays,


  • We will exceed what you expect from us

  • You'll get the best deal in the market

  • Our set of tour guides are not just license holders. They are professionals with experience and knowledge. They have a passion for what they are doing

  • Registered in Sri Lanka and Australia, we operate with professionalism and trust

Sri Lanka, the island country known as the pearl of the indian ocean for its beauty, shape and location, is the paradise for you to spend the most memorable holiday ever. If you are a family looking for a family holiday, a happy couple looking for a romantic getaway or a person looking for a nature exploration, it's all here in one place.


It is an island filled with rising mountains, lush forests and amazing waterfalls. The lush green paddy fields and tea gardens enhance the natural beauty. It is a country with a rich history of culture and prosperity. The ancient massive stupas, giant Buddha statues and ocean like man made tanks speaks for as the evidence. Its golden beaches around the country, provides the variety of experiences in the whole range.


So,whether its stunning natural landscapes, secluded beaches or friendly towns with exceptional hospitality that you are looking for - you'll find something beyond your expectations in this special island. Whether you choose to base yourself on the coast or in the island, there's so much to do. And we'll help you work out how to fit it all in.


Explore the incredible diversity of wildlife and nature; Look into the remains of a gorgeous ancient civilization; Cruise on a small boat and drop anchor for a quick snorkel or a scuba dive; Spend a funday splashing in the clear shallow waters; Whatever your preferences will be, Sri Lanka has something to impress you. This will be your lifetime holiday with a feast for the senses.

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